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Duo Exbition by Kathrine Oggier Chanda & Nabi Nara
curated by Benoit Antille
supported by Chateau Mercier Foundation, Villa Ruffieux Residency, ECAV
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Curated by Julie Laffin, Giana Gambino, Joseph Ravens

21. DokumentArt



European Film Festival for Documentaries dokumentART 
curated by Antoni Karwowski


curated by Luann Palazzo                                 
Article on the show NY times                   
Photo : Shirley Hathaway, Greg Commodore, LuAnn Palazzo
                                                                                                                                       photo credits:
Sergej Aga. Svein Gunnar Kjøde. Simas Aleksiejunas

8 – 10 July 2011 at Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool. Free Space Projects presents Economies of Resistance
Preview: Friday, 8 July, 18-22.00 (with live music from 20.30*)
Open: Saturday & Sunday 13-18.00

Imagine a society in which financial institutions gamble away our money and blame the public when it is gone; where profits are privatised but risk and real cost is socialised. A society in which the arts sector bears the brunt of public-spending cuts because the public are to be anaesthetised and atomised, facilitating complacency with authority and the standardisation of labour. Imagine a place where inequality thwarts social mobility and where privilege creates lasting class divisions…

Imagine an age of austerity. How could the independence of creative expression be asserted in such a dystopia?

Economies of Resistance explores new creative strategies that challenge restrictions to cultural production. This exhibition features new work from Holly Crawford, Karl Kolley, Paul Matosic, Nabi Nara, Arjuna Neuman, Annick Naour, SilentBill, The Artwertease® and Del Witticase. The approaches of the selected artists convey a subtle range of social, political and cultural messages.

Image above – Nabi Nara.

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